How we learn, and why we teach

As a leading stylist at Casual Chic Salon, I realize that my work is not only an inventive expression of my own vision, but more importantly a means to instill confidence and strength in my clients. I believe that feeling happy and healthy is intrinsically linked to looking fantastic. When guests walk through the doors of Casual Chic Salon, they come with a purpose other than to simply update their look. Because beauty is about so much more than simple aesthetics, my goal is to bring out the best in the clients features in terms of physical appearance and personality.

Casual Chic Salon possesses a deep commitment to highly personalized service, and the salon’s stylists are technically skilled to the utmost degree. In my mind, however, it is equally important that my staff possesses the ability to listen. Technique and talent will be wasted if the guest does not feel completely pampered and content with a new look, which is why my work addresses the entire individual. I educate my staff in order to foster their gifts, and I collaborate with my clients to ensure that they understand just how beautiful they are. Hairstyles grow out, manicures chip, skin responds to the stresses of everyday life. In a sense, the services I provide are impermanent. Despite this, I believe that I offer guests at Casual Chic Salon a gift that will not fade over time. That gift is self-assurance, perhaps one of the most valuable assets a person can possess.

This commitment will make us lead the beauty industry enhancing our guests individual beauty by incorporating their personal style with the latest fashion trends of the season.

* “azemi”

As a word, azemi takes a meaning based on the person that this name is given. However, the word itself is a description of some positive virtues from eastern languages. Based on the root, azemi means: “great,” “power” and “moving forward.” Casual Chic Salon is built based upon these virtues.
Casual Chic Salon, Hair Salon, Palo Alto, CA