goldwellCasual Chic Salon proudly presents Goldwell, our color care and hair care line. We chose Goldwell because Casual Chic Salon guests deserve the best! The Goldwell product line is designed to suit all different hair types and to immediately improve the beauty of your hair.

Shimmering hues. Brilliant shine. Contemporary styling care. Goldwell provides all this and more through their products.Casual Chic Salon only uses the best!

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prive logoPrive is a hair care line made exclusively for the stylist at heart… and also with the environment in mind. Their products have been featured in magazines such as Allure, Red Book, and O. Everyone is using it and is in love with its abilities to transform your hair from “Drab-To-Fab”… in no time flat!

Casual Chic Salon proudly brings you the best! Enjoy.

sebastian logoSebastian Professional is here at Casual Chic Salon… More to come from this phenomenal product.


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azemi® beauty a to z®

extendusa logoMany people do not know that hair extensions are an easy and affordable way to make any hair style have more body and shine. Here at Casual Chic Salon we take pride in our work. Extend USA is the hair extension system that is designed to produce the most natural looks imagined. Our hair extensions are used for length, volume, thickness and hair color corrections as well as to add fun and bright non-fading colors. This is all accomplished without chemicals! You can quickly change your looks every season just to make a fashion statement. All the hair used in our extensions is the finest Russian and European hair selected strand by stand for the best results. After the extensions are attached, they can be cut to various lengths and will last up to three months. In addition, the extensions can be washed and styled the same way as your natural hair, blending into the hair in a natural way, no one will know…unless you tell them!

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Casual Chic Salon proudly presents TIGI: Unique and exclusive. For the first time available in hair care, this exclusive purification process has to date only been available in the highest grade pharmaceuticals.

This is a purification process where the finest raw materials are extracted, intensified and concentrated into their most potent form to create advanced formulations.

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