Casual Chic Salon, Hair Salon, Palo Alto, CARental Opportunities (Completely NEW and redesigned station rental units)

Amenities Include:
* No third party fees for any of the amenities. All included.


• In house towel service

• 7 assigned units stations to chose from, (includes 2 regular storage units “full time renters only” for color + chemical supply, regular salon rental unit with storage on the salon floor, color bar for mixing and color utensils and other color tools storage)

• Part time offer (less than 3 days a week), Full time offer 3 days + a week

• In house coffee mini bar refreshments for your guests enjoyment only

• Shampoo and conditioning (only) provided for your guests only at the shampoo area

• Part time front desk assistant (when available)

• Casual Chic Salon client referrals

• On site management


-*For all of our new or established independent contractors and CCS employees, a positive “can do” attitude is a must to have a healthy team. We highly encourage voluntary/required help on keeping up with all of the salon duties that are a routine part of our industry. There is no “I” in “team”. We cherish a team environment. Sharing success is the part of the salon culture and the very fabric of Casual Chic Salon DNA. We LOVE to make all of our team members a success story.-

Join us. We welcome you.

— —

Employment Opportunities

We have a broad spectrum of career opportunities available including:

• Art Director

• General Manager

• Managers

• Apprentice

• Stylists

• Color Technicians

• Chemical Technicians

• Salon Coordinators / Receptionists

• Stylists / Make-up Artists

• Rental Opportunities

• …


• Paid sick days

• Free educational courses within the company

• Special discounts

• Opportunities for retail commissions +


• Tool knowledge

• Finishing techniques

• Evening styles

• All cutting techniques

• Color technique

• Chemical re-texturizing

• Relaxing procedures

Educational Classes Valued at $250 – $300 per person!

All of our service providers are offered excellent in depth training thorough courses within the company.

To implement the Azemi standards, we require that our professional service providers attend all of our weekly/monthly classes!