Casual Chic Salon, Hair Salon, Palo Alto, CARental Opportunities (Completely NEW and redesigned station rental units)

Amenities Include:
* No third party fees for any of the amenities. All included.


• In house towel service

• 7 out of 14 assigned units stations to chose from, (includes 2, 3 or 4 storage units “full time and part time renters” for color + chemical supply, regular salon rental unit with storage on the salon floor, color bar for mixing and color utensils and other color tools storage)

• Part time offer (less than 3 days a week), Full time offer 3 days + a week

• In house coffee mini bar refreshments for your guests enjoyment only

• Shampoo and conditioning (only) provided for your guests only at the shampoo area

• Part time front desk assistant (when available)

• Casual Chic Salon client referrals

• On site management

-*For all of our new or established independent contractors and Casual Chic Salon employees, a positive “can do” attitude is a must to have a healthy team. We highly encourage voluntary/required help on keeping up with all of the salon duties that are a routine part of our industry. There is no “I” in “team”. We cherish a team environment. Sharing success is the part of the salon culture and the very fabric of Casual Chic Salon DNA. We LOVE to make all of our team members a success story.-

Join us. We welcome you.