To enhance the guests total fashion, to develop within them their best look, to discover new personality through hair sculpture and delightful service, bringing forth our guests true feelings of contentment and satisfaction through our work.

Hair Services

Styling Hair Care Services

Hair ServiceStylistMaster StylistDesigner StylistArt Director
Haircut + Style--$55+$65+$105+
Barbering + Style --$40+$55+$55+
Blow Dry Style--$40+$55+$65+
Up-do's & Evening Styles--$70+$85+$95+
Fringe Shaping--$25+$30+$30+
ExtensionsBy consultation only

Conditioning Hair Care Services*

(Style NOT Included)

Conditioning Service 
Acupressure Shampoo & Conditioner*$40+
Acupressure Shampoo & Instant Care Regeneration*$65+
Acupressure Head Massage Shampoo*$20+

Hair Color Services*

(Style NOT Included)

Hair ServiceStylistMaster StylistDesigner StylistArt Director
Partial Highlights**--$50+$65+$75+
Half Head Highlights--$75+$85+$85+
Full Head Highlights--$80+$95+$95+
Men's Highlights--$45+$55+$55+
Single Process--$60+$75+$75+
Men's Grey Wash--$25+$35+$35+
Corrective ColorBy consultation only
Add-on Color Application--$20+$20+$20+
Glaze Enhancers--$50+$75+$75+
Bleach + Tone
*(One) Tone Application Only
Partial (Spot) Balayage
Full Balayage

Chemical Hair Services*

(Style NOT Included)

Hair ServiceStylistMaster StylistDesigner StylistArt Director
Partial Waves--$50+$65+$85+
Full Waves--$75+$95+$95+
Custom Waves--$85+$100+$125+
Permanent Relaxers--$80+$95+$95+
Anti-Curl Straightening----$450+$600+
Relaxer/Texturizer --$40+$55+$55+
Keratin Straightening Treatment--$150+/hr.$150+/hr.$150+/hr.

Make-up Services

Make-up Service 
Make-up Application$55+
Customized Make-up Lesson (1 hr.)$65+
Extend Eyelash ApplicationStarting at $35/$150
Eyebrow Coloring$30+

Waxing Services

Waxing Service 
Eyebrow Shaping$25+
Lip Wax$20+
Chin Wax$20+
Side Burn Wax$15+
Neck Wax$25+